Hybrid Remedies launches HybridCR Website

July 23, 2013 — Jacksonville, Florida

Clinical Pharmacist Formulates Innovative Immune Supplement
Hybrid Remedies, LLC Combines the Benefits of Nature with the Advances of Science

JACKSONVILLE, FL – “"HybridCR™ is the first pharmacist-formulated natural supplement specifically created to rapidly support the immune response,” said Dr. Jason DuBois, PharmD, Co-Founder of Hybrid Remedies, LLC. “Unlike so many other supplements that require a long-term commitment to see benefit, HybridCR™ is designed to work quickly and be used for just 4 days.”
HybridCR™ is the flag-ship, natural supplement for Hybrid Remedies, launched exclusively at the December 2012 SOHO Expo for natural products in Orlando, FL and now featured at www.hybridremedies.com.

Using a uniquely blended and standardized combination of Echinacea, Andrographis and Panax Ginseng, the groundbreaking immune supplement decreases the severity and duration of an immune challenge to just 4 days. By targeting all three of the immune system’s protective mechanisms, HybridCR™ takes the guess work out of supporting immune health by ensuring a fast, effective immune response.

With an ever-expanding market from Miami to New York and seven retailers in Jacksonville, FL. alone, HybridCR™ is attracting consumers with its innovative approach to health and wellness.

“Customers at the 2012 SOHO Expo were impressed with our product’s real-world usability,” explained DuBois. “Today’s consumers are seeking natural, effective remedies that are easy-to-use, fast acting and portable, to match their on-the-go lifestyle. We believe the reason HybridCR™ is selling so well is because it delivers on all three: fast, effective and convenient.”
HybridCR™ is a single dose pack that holds 12 capsules and details simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use them. The whole pack fits right in your hand, making it mobile enough to take anywhere.

Preeminent, national, natural product branding agency BrandHive, partnered with HybridCR™ to design the uniquely instructional packaging, detailed selling materials and recently launched website for the brand.  “We have worked in the natural remedy category for decades, and we really haven’t seen anything before like HybridCR™,” said Jeff Hilton, BrandHive Partner and Co-Founder. “So we created a very unique and compelling brand story, and then let that shine through in the packaging and website.”

Hybrid Remedies (www.hybridremedies.com) is a research and development, dietary supplement company committed to bringing new and innovative natural remedies to market. Using the latest evidence-based research to determine ingredient selection, Hybrid Remedies standardizes each botanical ingredient to their most active and effective form.  Founded by science and health professionals committed to consumer results, Hybrid Remedies combines cutting-edge science, with the purest ingredients, in the easiest-to-use packaging.  Each product formulated by Hybrid Remedies is manufactured in the USA at a NSF GMP certified facility.

Hybrid Remedies, LLC — PO Box 23008 — Jacksonville, FL 32241— 1-888-919-1799